Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Event - Nodding Head Brewery with ACHIEVEability

We are happy to have so much to celebrate this coming Tuesday (Nov. 6th).  Not only did we all make it through a week that started with one heck of a storm (Sandy, we're looking at you!), but we'll also be celebrating the fact that the end of political ad season will only be a handful of hours away (starting a slow clap now!) We can't wait to end this love/hate relationship we have with our TVs at the moment.

And of course the main reason to come out and Drink Up, Give Back with us on Tuesday is that we'll be supporting ACHIEVEability, a local organization committed to ending the cycle of poverty.  Nodding Head Brewery is generously donating one free drink and some free appetizers to everyone who donates $10 at the door.  Festivities will kick off at 5:30pm so be sure to hit the polls in the morning so you have no excuse not to join us. 

No matter how much you think your vote will matter, we know your donation will go a long way.  Take a look at what your dollars will do for ACHIEVEability:
$500 will help for pay a family’s rent for one month.
$250 will help purchase textbooks for a semester. 
$100 will help a family of three buy groceries for one month.
$50 will help purchase school supplies.
$25 will provide a week of public transportation for a participant to reach

So...get your tails (and hanging chads) to Nodding Head and down a beer or several for a good cause.