Thursday, August 23, 2012

September Event - Smith's with The Monster Milers

This month we're looking at everyone with our puppy dog eyes. How can you say no to that?! Join us in September as we support the little monsters in your life and the city's shelters. Monster Milers pairs shelter dogs and runners together to provide exercise, interaction, and a hopeful forever home to our furry friends. Smith's bar is generously providing the usual  (1) free drink and some free appetizers to everyone who comes out to the event. Admission is $10 (or "bones" if you're using dog-speak). 

The Monster Milers will be using funds from this event to procure their city permit for their upcoming 5K run for dog shelters (slated for 2013)!  

Bring yourself, bring a friend but please don't bring any real monsters (they're scary!) We can't wait to see you there (if we had tails. they'd be wagging).