Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April Event - Misconduct Tavern with Urban Tree Connection

We've been looking forward to April's Happy Hour for a few months now (yes, that's how bad some of us need a drink!)  But beyond the promise of alcohol one of our favorite things about April is that it is our One Year Anniversary!  In a year that saw the demise of one Kardashian marriage it's nice to know that some things really do last.  Unlike Kim and Kris we promise to make the most of your gifts.  Feel free to shower us with as much "paper" as you want (that is the traditional one year gift) or merely the $10 we suggest at the door.

The fine folks at Misconduct Tavern will be hosting us once again (they were kind enough to be our first venue ever) and you can be sure the food at this one will be extra yummy.  Of course, you'll also get one free drink.  All of this eating and drinking will benefit Urban Tree Connection, who is committed to providing community-based greening efforts in some of Philadelphia's disadvantaged neighborhoods (uber appropriate as we head into Spring and Summer!)

Be sure to invite your friends because we want our one year anniversary party to rival the best of them! 
Consider this your "Save the Date" and RSVP by showing up!

When: Tuesday, April 3rd, 5:30-8pm. 
Where: Misconduct Tavern (1511 Locust)
Who: This one benefits Urban Tree Connection
How Much: $10
Why: Because you love trees, SCP, free food, free drinks and/or one year anniversaries