Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We want you to get involved with SCP!  Here are some great opportunities. 

Attend Events
The easiest way to get involved is to show up!  It doesn't get much better than sippin' on a cocktail for a good cause.

Spread the Word
People are more likely to attend if they know someone who is coming, simple as that.  So, help us grow a real "social network" and bring your friends to events.  Join our mailing list, check the website and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date!

Become a Host
Are you passionate about a particular charity?  Do you love a local venue?  Are you already spreading the word to friends about SCP?  Consider being a Host.  Hosts are folks we ask to rise to the challenge of bringing at least 10 people out to an event. (You can also team up with some friends and Host as a group!)  We then ask you to ask those 10 people to each bring a friend.  If we're lucky that's 20 extra attendees (and $200!) based on your awesome work. We'll even give you a mention on the website and our Facebook page to make you super legit.  

Join the Leadership Team
We'd like to add a couple more people to the Leadership Team.  While its super rewarding work, it can be a bit time consuming to establish a major organization in Philadelphia...phew!  We know we can do an even better job for our partner charities, venues and participants if we have a little more manpower behind us.  We are most in need of people with a love of web design and PR connections but are happy to talk more with anyone who has the passion to do more at this level.  The commitment is higher but so is the street cred!  

For more information about any of these opportunities email scphila@gmail.com